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Your partner for polymer composite materials

Consulting - planning - implementation

The company DSM Direct Service Maintenance is a service company and has specialized in the processing of composite materials and polymer materials.


Thanks to our decades of experience in repair and maintenance, we have already established ourselves on the market across borders.

In cooperation with our partners and suppliers, the areas of application are wide-ranging.


We are certified by various companies in pipeline repairs with composite materials.

The certified areas are divided into DENSO Dexpand CF-70 and Henkel Loctitie Composite Pipe Repair as well as surface technology.

Following the Composite Pipe Repair or Dexpand CF-70, we offer you the subsequent coating of your pipeline with various systems.

We then carry out an ISO test (pore test).


In order to meet all requirements of our customers, welding work is also integrated into our field of activity. The connection between composite materials and metal construction give us the opportunity to offer each customer a tailor-made solution.


If repairs or repairs with composite materials are not possible, we and our partners can offer you a new production of your parts.

It is possible to reproduce a wide variety of parts to fit exactly.

With the 3D scan, components can be reproduced exactly and true to detail.


Our projects are carried out on the basis of a detailed work plan, which includes all activities from the initial state to completion.


The concrete definition of the cooperation with our customers is the basis for uncomplicated order processing and the basis for determining and ensuring the optimal use of resources.



If we have spoken to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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DSM Lutz Meiwald & Partner Presentation 2023
DSM Lutz Meiwald & Partner Presentation 2023
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