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Glasfasercarbonwicklung 305mm
DSM Composite Pipe Repair
Composite Pipe Repair

Repair and restore mechanical integrity of piping systems

Loctite® solution

Loctite® PipeRepair System

-Glass carbon fiber

- Certified according to ISO 24817 / ASME PCC-2 by DNV-GL, TÜV and Lloyd Register

- Extend pipe life up to 20 years and beyond

- For all pipeline dimensions and components

- Robust repair system with high elongation at break under dynamic loads and high pressures

- Depending on the damage, no downtime required

- Quick repair procedure

- No heat required (up to 80°C)

- Approved for steel and duplex steels

- Available worldwide

Carbon wrap
Carbon wrapping
NEW from 2024: resistant up to 314 °C
Post-coating of pipelines

Together with our partners, we have specialized, among other things, in the economical repair of pipelines made of steel and other materials.

Steel pipelines are capital intensive - regardless of whether they are gas, water,
Transport crude oil, wastewater or another medium. That's why it pays off
if they remain in operation for as long as possible after scheduled depreciation
can stay. The question of the service life of such transport systems is therefore

That from theDSM appliedLoctite Composite Pipe Repair Repair system is an innovative system that extends the service life of the pipes by up to 20
years extended. Another advantage is that the pipelines can be renovated while operations are ongoing, thereby avoiding the often high costs of unplanned downtime. 

Finally, our work includes a pore test (ISOTest). This will then be carried out directly by us. 

Our presentation

Cover sheet presentation Composite Pipe Repair.png

Pressure test after a composite pipe repair application

composite pipe repair on a gaspipeline 

various anomalies on pipelines

dent on a pipeline

dent on a pipeline