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The wear and tear on your plants and machines can cause a production stoppage. Therefore, an early measure to protect against erosion and corrosion is recommended. With our surface refinement and our on-site service, we offer you everything from sandblasting to the Coating, our direct help.

The aim of the European Union is to save 20% of primary energy demand by 2020. The Federal Government also commits itself in its energy concept to increasing energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is to be increased by 2.1 per cent per annum by 2050 (Source: VDMA Energy Efficiency Brochure 2014). This can be achieved with the help of modern process technologies. DSM supports you in achieving these goals. The main components in the reduction of CO2 emissions and energy consumption is the coating. This saves costs and protects the environment.

Use Cases:

- Polyurethan Coating (Rubber Coating)

- Sprayable Polyurethancoating (Sprayabele Rubber)

- Wear Protective Coating

- Highly Wear Resistant Coating

- Steel Ceramic Coating (extremely impact resistant)

- Chemical Resistant Coatings 

- Surface Protection

- Non-Stick Coating

- Corrosion Protection

Rubber coating
Anti-slip coating

Rubber coating of pipe components

Anti-slip coating

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