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Elimination of Holes and Cracks in Castings

With our special procedure you can reduce Scrap! 

Holes, Cracks and other Fails can be corrected after machining by this procedure.

Almost all types of housing can be repaired. No matter if surface defects or defects within the metal structure. Our special application at your location can save considerable costs.

Here we use a polyester-bound material. The product selection is carried out in close consultation with the customer. We are able to select the right product from the large number of repair products (such as steel, aluminum, ferro, bronze, red brass, copper, brass) for the respective application.


- Time savings (because components can be re-integrated into the production process)

- No return to the casting supplier (Complaint)

- incurred production costs were not in vain

- considerable cost savings

Blowhole removal
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