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Polymer-bound repairs & maintenance

Our repairs and maintenance enables you to protect your machines and systems as well as their components in the long term. Also in the redevelopment as among other locks, We help you with pleasure and offer a variety of polymer solutions.


Application areas:


- Coating of impellers, pipelines, tanks, tanks, drive shafts, etc.

- Coating of exhaust ducts and others up to + 900 ° C

- Sealing leaks up to 1300 ° C

- Sealing and repairing leaks in all metal structures from 0.1 - 0.5mm

- Construction and coating of radiator caps, tube bundles, plate coolers and heat exchangers

- Repair of rubber seals

- Processing of worn hydraulic cylinders

- Closing holes and cracks

- Rubber Coatings of all kinds (also sprayable)

- Surface Repair

- Eliminate erosion damage (metal and cast surfaces)

- Leveling surfaces / Elimination of erosion

- Repair of inflatable boats

- Renovation of Locks for Shipping

- Impressions (Rubber Seals)


Tank roof repair
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